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Police Officer/Recruit

Norfolk, Virginia



Norfolk Police Department

100 Brooke Avenue

Norfolk, VA 23510

Phone: 757-664-4486 or 757-664-6688 

E-mail: Ronald.Godwin@norfolk.gov
Website: http://www.norfolk.gov/Police/


Salary: $30,391 - $54,411 (See Below)   

Population: 241,000

Sworn Officers: 767

Application Deadline: Until Filled






Employment opportunities abound with the

Norfolk Police Department (NPD).


A career with the NPD will challenge you to get involved and make a difference in the community; offer a diversity of work experiences and assignments; and provide the opportunity to be part of a world-renowned law enforcement organization!

Starting Salary is $30,391 and increases 23.6% to $37,013 over the next 18 months as the officer progresses through training and gains experience.


Police Recruit application packets are available from:


Norfolk Department of Human Resources in person or by calling:


(757) 664-4486




Personnel Liaison Division by calling:


(757) 664-6688




Internet at:



Each applicant must meet the entry-level minimum requirements to be considered for employment. There has never been a better time to join the Norfolk Police Department. Police applicants must submit a Public Safety Employment Application form, birth certificate photocopy, high school diploma or GED certificate, driver’s license and DD214 (long form), if the applicant ever served in the military, and a copy of a Department of Motor Vehicles Report from the state of licensure that must not be over 1 year old.

The application process takes approximately 3 to 4 months from the time of application until a conditional offer of employment is received, if the applicant is selected and approved for hire.



EDUCATION – High School Diploma or GED.

AGE – Be a minimum of 20 years and six months of age when the academy begins.

CITIZENSHIP – United States citizenship is required.

MILITARY SERVICE (Applies to Veterans Only) – Military veterans of the Armed Forces must present proof of an Honorable Discharge.

MOTOR VEHICLE OPERATORS LICENSE – Possess a valid motor vehicle operator’s license and the ability to qualify for a Virginia Division of Motor Vehicle Operators License. The applicant’s right to operate a vehicle cannot be under suspension.



WRITTEN EXAMINATION – Pass a written examination designed to measure the reading comprehension necessary to successfully complete required employment training and certification.

PHYSICAL AGILITY TEST – Designed to determine the applicant’s abilities in performing specific physical activities.

B-PAD – An interpersonal assessment device that is administered with a television, VCR and a camcorder. Applicants are shown scenarios that simulate situations that they might encounter while working as a police officer. After watching each scenario, applicants have 45 seconds to respond to the characters on screen as though they were there. The applicant’s response is videotaped and evaluated by trained assessors.

POLYGRAPH EXAMINATION – Verifies the background data in the Personal History section of the application form. Deception noted in the areas of the automatic disqualifiers may prevent further processing.

BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION – Entails obtaining and verifying information in regards to prior employment, drug use, personal references, criminal records, Division of Motor Vehicle records, and credit records:

  • Applicant’s background is analyzed to determine the existence of any history of criminal records.

  • Data contained in the Public Safety Employment Application is verified.

ORAL REVIEW BOARD – Candidates are interviewed by a panel of department personnel to determine their qualifications based on questions about their desire to become police officers and clarification of responses given on their applications.

POST-JOB OFFER SCREENING PROCESS – Police applicants who preceding processes, must successfully complete the following steps after receiving a conditional offer of employment:

  1. Drug Screening

  2. Medical Examination

  3. Psychological Examination

  4. Candidates will be required to sign an acknowledgement that as a condition of their initial and continued employment they will refrain from any on-duty or off-duty use of tobacco products.



Police Recruit – Police Recruit is pre-entry level law enforcement work. Work involves participating in and successfully completing the State of Virginia certified Police Officer Training Academy that lasts approximately 22 weeks. Currently, new Police Recruits are paid $30,391 per year plus benefits (retirement, medical, and leave) while attending the police academy.

Police Officer I – Upon successful completion of the police academy, recruits are sworn in as police officers and continue training, which begins with the completion of a 4 to 5 months Field Training period with an experienced Field Training Officer. As a Police Officer I you will receive a 6.3% raise to an annual salary of $32,311 per year. This amount represents a base salary and does not include earnings from applicable special pays or overtime. Work involves preventing, detecting, and investigating criminal acts; apprehending and arresting law violators; safeguarding lives and property; and related activities.

Police Officer II – After successfully completing one year as a Police Officer I, officers receive a 16.3% raise to $37,568 and become a Police Officer II. Every twelve months officers are eligible for a step increase and other increases if approved by City Council. At present, the maximum base salary that may be earned as a Police Officer II is $54,411 or $57,867 for officers holding Master Police Officer designation.

Career Opportunities (Promotional Process and Senior and Master Police Officer Designations) – Police officers who meet service (longevity) and education requirements are eligible to take promotional exams to establish eligibility lists for promotions for the ranks of Police Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain.

Officers must meet service, training-assignments, and education requirements to take examinations to be considered for Senior or Master Police Officer designations. At the present time officers designated as Senior Police Officer receive an additional $210.50 per month ($2,526 annually); officers with the designation of Master Police Officer receive an additional $421 per month ($5,052 annually) in addition to their regular pay rates throughout the duration of such designations.


As a Norfolk Police Officer, you may receive these great benefits:

  • Competitive Annual Salary  

  • Holiday, Court and Overtime Pay

  • Continuing Education Tuition Assistance  

  • Paid Birthday Leave

  • Excellent Retirement Plan  

  • Paid Vacation and Sick Leave

  • Career Development Program 

  • Officers Receive Supplemental Pay for College Degrees 

  • All Uniforms Furnished  

  • Veterans Benefits (GI Bill) for Academy and Field Training

  • Outstanding Medical Plan (Optional) Point–of–Service (POS) plan that features managed care (HMO-type) and indemnity coverage (traditional) benefit options

  • Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (Optional) Before tax-dollars are set aside and used for eligible out-of-pocket expenditures for a child, spouse, or for another

  • Health Care Reimbursement Account (Optional) Before- tax dollars are set aside and used to pay eligible medical and dental expenses not paid under any health plan

  • Outstanding Dental Plans (Optional): Dental Health Maintenance Organization 207 Plan Care at pre-determined fees through a network of participating dentists  


Police recruits participate in training to successfully complete the state certified Police Officer Training Academy. Police Recruit academy training lasts approximately 6 months and consists of classroom, physical fitness, and police situation simulation training.

CLASSROOM – Students receive quality classroom instruction in such areas as Basic Law, Criminal Investigation, Report Writing, and other law enforcement related topics. Students receive periodic testing to assess their success in learning classroom materials. Students must meet or exceed minimum standards established by the police academy and the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).

PHYSICAL FITNESS – Students receive intense and rigorous physical training relating related to fitness and health standards on a daily basis as needed to perform the sometimes physically demanding aspects of law enforcement. Training includes:

  • Running a minimum of three times a week for distances up to five miles

  • Daily exercise will include:

    • Various forms of abdominal exercises

    • Various forms of push-ups

    • Sit-ups

    • Pull-ups

    • Mountain Climbers

    • Biceps and Triceps Exercises

    • Stretches/Flexibility Training

    • Other Strength and Aerobics Conditioning

Students participate in a Physical Fitness Test during the 1st, 8th, 17th, and final week of the academy. This test involves a 1.5 mile timed run, maximum number of sit-ups in one minute, and maximum number of push-ups to exhaustion.


  • Defensive Driving

  • Defensive Tactics

  • Firearms

  • Water Safety



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