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Police Cadet

San Antonio, Texas



San Antonio Police Department

555 Academic Court

San Antonio, TX 78204

Phone: 210-207-3325 




Salary: See Below

Population: 1,300,000  

Sworn Officers: 2,199 

Application Deadline: Open




Job Description:


The City of San Antonio is currently seeking highly motivated candidates who are prepared to enter a career filled with honor, tradition, integrity and pride. Applicants should be self-disciplined and mature enough to handle the physical demands of a rigorous 32 week course of study designed to provide them with the necessary mind frame and tools to effectively serve a community of diverse citizens. That community consists of not only our residential citizens, but a large military population as well as the thousands of tourists that visit our city each year. Our intent is to employ the best suited candidates for a position that imparts prestige and distinction.



Additional Information:

  • VA Certified: SAPD Training Academy is certified for full-time Veteran’s Administration Education Benefits.

  • Night Differential Pay:  $350.00/mo

  • Language Skills Pay: $50.00/mo

  • Standby Pay/Active Assignment Pay: $157.00/mo (Reserved for specialty units – S.W.A.T., Bomb, Crisis Neg., etc.)

  • Education Pay:

    Associates  $215.00/mo

    Bachelors    $315.00/mo

    Masters      $335.00/mo

    Doctorate   $350.00/mo

    (Officers without a degree may be eligible for pay based on the number of college hours earned at an accredited college or university)

  • Certification Pay:

    Basic            $50.00/mo

    Intermediate  $160.00/mo

    Advanced      $200.00/mo

    Masters         $240.00/mo

  • Leave Conversion or Buy Back: The City will buy back or convert either in “pay” or in “other forms of leave” at the Officer’s discretion up to fifteen (15) unused sick leave days per year.

  • Court Pay

  • Education Reimbursement Program

  • Insurance: Health, Dental, Optical, Life – Includes dependents

  • Accumulated Leave: Vacation, Holiday, Military, Compensatory, Sick

  • Bonus Days: Quarterly bonus day for unused sick days

  • Physical Fitness Incentive: Administrative fitness leave up to 5 days

  • Clothing Allowance: $480.00 upon graduation; $960.00 as of 10/01/2011 with annual increases through 10/01/2013


Job Requirements:


All applicants must meet the following minimum requirements in order to apply for the entry-level position of police cadet.

  • Minimum Age: 20 years 6 months at time of exam

  • Maximum Age: Must not have reached 45 years of age at time of appointment to the Police Academy.

  • Education: High School Diploma OR in such cases where a G.E.D. was acquired, the candidate must complete 12 college hours at an accredited college or university and obtain a minimum G.P.A. of a “C” before final consideration can be made.

  • Military Service: Must have an Honorable Discharge.

  • Citizenship: Must be a United States Citizen.

  • Traffic Citations: Cannot have 2 or more hazardous moving traffic offenses with any disposition other than “Not Guilty” within 12 months preceding the date of application.


Salary Information:


Position  Base (Annually)
Police Cadet (Trainee) $2,369 (per month)
Police Officer (Probationary) $39,106
Police Officer Step A-F $45,019 - $61,322
Police Detective Step A-D $63,036 - $68,164
Police Sergeant Step A-C $71,604 - $74,480
Police Lieutenant Step A-C $80,184 - $83,427
Police Captain Step A-C $92,020 - $95,729


 (Pay increases with seniority referred to as “Step Increases”) 

  • Promotional Opportunity: Opportunity for promotion and corresponding salary increases based upon civil service exams.

  • Longevity Pay: Each Officer’s regular rate of pay is increased by 3% for each 5 years of longevity.


For more information, visit our website at:



Contact Information:


Yvonne Padilla

San Antonio Police Department

555 Academic Court

San Antonio, TX 78204

(210) 207-3325











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