New York State Police

Albany, New York


New York State Police

1220 Washington Ave

Building 22, State Office Campus

Albany, NY 12226

Phone: 800-770-0220




Salary: $48,907

Application Deadline: 2/1/04






  • Must be at least age 20 to apply, and 21 at time of appointment

  • Must not have reached 30th birthday prior to application filing deadline, which may be extended up to 6 years for active military service

  • Must have graduated from senior high school or posses a High School Equivalency Diploma at time of application

  • Must have completed 60 college credit hours at time of appointment (except: 30 college credits are waived for candidates who have received an honorable discharge after 2 years of active military service, OR have completed a Certified Police Officer Training Course)

  • Must be a US citizen at time of application, and a New York State resident at time of appointment

  • Must have a valid New York State driver's license at time of appointment

  • Must be of good moral character - felony conviction results in automatic disqualification

  • Must pass a physical ability test, medical examination, psychological evaluation, vision and hearing test, and background investigation




New York State Troopers provide full police services to the state of New York, from patrolling the highways to investigating crimes and suspicious activity.


Troopers respond to disasters, assist other law enforcement agencies, assist motorists, and provide a myriad of special services through the drug enforcement units, K-9 detail, SCUBA team, commercial vehicle unit, computer crimes unit, mobile response team, marine unit, aviation unit, and crime scene evidence processing team, to name a few.



For more information, contact:


Lt. Bryon Christman

1220 Washington Ave

Building 22, State Office Campus

Albany, NY 12226

Phone: (800)770-0220

Fax: (518)457-3232





How To Apply:


You may apply on-line:




If you do not have Internet access, call:




Listen at Radio Frequency 155.505 to 868.9875

Why listen? Click for scanner details.


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