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Deputy Sheriff

Denver, Colorado


Denver Sheriff's Department

1570 Grove Street

Denver, CO 80017

Phone: 720-913-3390

Fax: 720-913-3393




Salary: $36,000 to $51,000

Population: 500,000

Sworn Officers: 725
Application Deadline:





The Denver Sheriff's Department is seeking qualified individuals to perform entry-level protective services in the Denver County Jail or the Pre-Arraignment Detention Facility.  Deputy Sheriffs are responsible for the security, care and safety of prisoners and the public in detention, medical and transportation settings, state and nationwide extradition of prisoners, service of civil and criminal process, the apprehension of fugitives and wanted persons and courtroom security. Denver Sheriffs must carry, use and maintain firearms but do not patrol streets for the purpose of general law enforcement. 

Qualified applicants must be a US citizen, at least 21 years of age by date of application, have a High School Diploma or GED and possess a valid Drivers License at the time of application (applications that do not cite the Drivers License number and State of issuance will not be accepted).  All applicants that meet the minimum qualifications will be notified by mail of an assigned written test date.  Career Service Authority prefers that applications be submitted via Internet, but will accept paper applications. 

Denver Sheriffs Department will disqualify individuals for (but is not limited to) the following:  Felony convictions, domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, harassment, negative driving record or negative employment history.  Also, a DUI or DWAI conviction in the last 36 months or two or more DUI or DWAI convictions will cause disqualification.  Illegal drug activity, that is, selling, delivering, distributing or manufacturing; hard drug use anytime within the last 60 months; illegal use of drugs while employed as a law enforcement
officer, firefighter or other sworn public safety position; other use of illegal drugs within the past 36 months will cause disqualification. Suitability for employment is determined by the results of all test components including a comprehensive background investigation with a polygraph component that encompasses the applicant's employment and criminal history.  Successful applicants must possess a physical fitness level comparable to the average adult of the same gender and age group.  

The Denver Sheriff's Department offers an excellent salary and benefit package along with promotional career opportunities. 


Please visit our website for basic question regarding benefits pay and job details.


All other questions not addressed by the website can be directed to Sgt. Darryle E. Brown, Recruiter at the Public Safety Recruitment Office at 720.913.3390 or to


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