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Starting Salary: $35,907

Population: 816,791

Sworn Officers: 1,420
Application Deadline: 12/31/02


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The Prince George's County Police Department is currently seeking recruit candidates to be considered for the position of Police Officer. The Police Department is seeking men and women that exhibit characteristics of good character, sound judgment, honesty, reliability and integrity that blend together with a philosophy for community-oriented policing and a strong desire to serve the interest of the citizens of Prince George's County.

TYPICAL DUTIES: The typical duties of a police officer, upon whom public safety depends, include: responding to calls; maintaining order in an assigned patrol area; enforcing criminal and traffic laws mandated and authorized by the State and local laws and ordinances; report writing, courtroom presentation of cases; and providing effective and efficient service to the citizens of Prince George's County. Shift work is required.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: To submit an application, you must meet the following minimum qualifications:

U.S. Citizen
High School graduate; (60+ college credit hours preferred)
21 years old at time of graduation from the Police Academy
Possess a valid driver's license


Uniform and equipment supplied by the Police Department. Thereafter $1100 will be provided annually.
Annual leave: 13 days per year for the first (3) years, 20 days per year after (3) years, 26 days per year after
15 years.
Sick Leave: 15 days per year
Personal Leave: 1 day per year.
Discretionary Leave: 1.5 days per year during the first 10 years of service, 3 days per year after10 years.
Holidays: 12 - 14 paid holidays are provided for each year
Medical Benefits: County pays 75% of cost under POS; 80% of cost under HMO
Paid Life Insurance
Military leave at 15 days per year to those on active duty with Reserve of National Guard
Veteran benefits during first 13 months of training.
Retirement of 60% of annual salary after 20 years of service. Each additional year the pension benefits shall increase by 2.50% up to a maximum of 85% after 30 years of service.
Police Officers residing within Prince George's County are assigned a personal patrol car (upon availability) for on and off duty use. Off duty use is limited to Prince George's County and the Officer must be available to perform police service, if called upon to do so.
Shift differential pay will be applied at the rate of $2.50 per hour worked on midnight shift and $1.45 per hour worked on the evening shift.

ELIGIBILITY TO WORK: Under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, an employer is required to hire only U.S. citizens and lawfully authorized alien workers. Applicants who are selected for employment will be required to show and verify authorization to work in the United States.

THE SELECTION PROCESS: Applicants must successfully complete all of the following:

Written Examination
Physical Agility Test
Completion and submission of a Personal History Statement
Audio/Vision Screening
Polygraph Examination
Oral Board
Background Investigation
Conditional Offer of Employment
Psychological Screening
Medical Examinations - complete physical (weight should be in proportion to height)
Final Offer of Employment
Graduation from the Prince George's County Police Academy

Reasons for disqualification may include (but are not limited to) the following: poor work history; poor driving record; felony conviction; illegal drug usage, possession, distribution, sale or purchase; falsification of application or other documents; failure to meet physical standards; inability to competitively complete any of the component parts of the selection process; and/or any other disqualifying factor as determined by the Police Department.

CLOSING DATE: Completed applications must be received or postmarked by December 31, 2002.

TO APPLY: Applications can be obtained at the Office of Personnel and Labor Relations, any branch of the Prince George's County Memorial Library System, or any Prince George's County Police District Station. Submit completed applications to:

1400 McCormick Drive, Suite 159, Largo, MD 20774
Internet Address:

Applications can be obtained at the Office of Personnel, any branch of the Prince George's County Memorial Library System, downloaded, or you may apply online.


Prince George's County Government is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer
Committed to Diversity in the Workplace





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